Charlie’s a screenwriter and a novelist and he lives on the edge of Edinburgh. He’s been lots of other things too – temperamentally unsuitable bar staff (grumpy, not talkative), temporary laundry manager in a big London hotel, detail-shop car-wash jockey in Reno, Nevada, despatch runner for a film company in Soho,  food critic (not a very good one, basically never met a meal he didn’t like. Or at least eat too much of), national newspaper columnist (Scotland’s a nation, right?) and a film editor at the BBC. He studied Literature at St Andrews University, and later took a grad degree in Screenwriting at USC.

He swims a lot, keeps thinking of taking up cycling, likes forgotten books, summers on the Outer Hebrides, terriers, his wife and his children - not necessarily in that order. 

He used to have a REALLY dodgy beard thing going on, for which he apologises, but nowadays looks like this.

nd he has literally no idea who he thinks he's kidding by writing in the third person.

[NB - here's a thing - ignore what's out there about him being an "HBO' scriptwriter. Yeah. He wishes... It's not true. He isn't and never has been. Internet Chinese whispers.]